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Product Photography Europe has it's head office in Bad reichenhall / Germany and the main production studio‘s in Bratislava/ Slovakia. We have produced thousands of Images for clients all over Europe. To work with us is very simple, just follow steps.

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How It Works

Working with Product-Photography-Europe is very simple if you follow following steps. As we have many deliveries from several customers all over Europe, we have to plan the logistics accordingly. This guide below should direct you through all neccessary steps to make your project „as simple as possible“.

Logistics are a very important task that should not be underestimated. As we get daily deliveries, we have to be able to connect you directly with your shipment.

It is very important to follow the steps below and read through carefully in order to avoid mistakes.

Get in touch with us

Simply send us an email and inform us about your project. Send us as much detailed information as you can, this should include what kind of products you want to be shot, the condition of the products (if new or used), what you would like to use the images for (Ebay, Amazon, Website, Advertizement), how many images you need per product, if you want the images with or without model and what size the images have to be.

We get in touch with you

We will confirm that we have received your email and you will get already now your case number. This number is very important later on to identify your shipment in our warehouse and bring it together with the information that you have sent us. We will give you an estimated time schedule and inform you about the estimated cost. We will ask you now for very detailed information. Products can be shot in many different ways, from the top, on white background and in different angles with different lightings. It is important that you read through these questions and gather as much information as possible. Important notice at this stage, we only do studio product photography, we do not make outdoor sessions.

Detailed Information about your Project

Now it comes to the details. If you have for example a series of Rings to be shot, look through catalogues, web or magazines and send us some sample images. You can also just take an image with your camera or mobile phone and show us what angle and direction you want this specific product to be shot. Don’t worry, we have lot’s of sample images that you can go through, make a screen shot and send it to us. We need this info for each type of product in order to realize your project. Important note at this stage. When you pack your products, make sure they are packed well so nothing can break, make sure the products are well cleaned and in best condition. Products should be without scratches, if garments, make sure they are ironed properly and if you have products with a lable, make sure the lable is in perfect condition.


Once we gathered all information and we agreed in working together, we need to bring your products to our warehouse. Depending on the amount of products we can also organize in some cases a transport through our forwarder, but in most cases it is best if you ship your parcel with the shipping company that you prefer. Don’t forget to have sufficient insurance for your parcel and send us the name of your forwarder and the tracking code. It is very important that you lable the package accoringly. Always lable the parcle with your Project code and number of parcels you are shipping. This could look like that # 907-473 – 1 of 4

Realizing your Project

Once we have all information and your products are at our warehouse, we will start shooting your project. We will run a series of Testshots with each type of product and will upload them to our Server. The file-number will be your project number again. At this stage, you will have to review the testshots and send us your corrections before we start with the main shooting. During this process we might ask you several times if everything is still confirm with you. Once all products are shot, they will be uploaded and you have time to review all your images and send us once again your corrections. Please note, that if you are changing your mind at this stage and want the images to be shot in a different way, we have to see the new images as additional work and will charge you for that. This is why it is important that you let us know exactly how your images have to look like before we start with the main shooting. Testshots are included, so if you have changes, let us know before we do the main work.

Finishing your project

All images uploaded from our side will be with our watermark until paid. Once you have received the invoice and the payment is done, we will forward the copyright info signed by us and upload the images ready to be used. The images will stay on our server for 6 month, afterwards your download link will be deleted. Don’t worry, if you need your images at a later stage and you still have the project number, all your images will be stored on our main server for at least 10 years. We will now return your products to your address and hope to see you again as a client.