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Product Photography Europe has it's head office in Bad reichenhall / Germany and the main production studio‘s in Bratislava/ Slovakia. We have produced thousands of Images for clients all over Europe. To work with us is very simple, just follow steps.

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Shooting Jewellery is the Kings-class of Photography. So many shiny and reflecting surfaces, corners, round surfaces. Every set up is different, every lighting has to be adjusted to complement the product. The shooting goes from very tiny Pendants to large necklaces with very tiny and small chains that have to be clipped manually in very time consuming procedures. Shooting Jewellery is 50% Tabletop Photography and 50% Photoshop work. To align a necklace or bracelet straight, to make sure the surfaces are clean and polished are also part of the shooting. Most of the times we work with a complete team on a set like that. Products are shot and at the same time from a second team photoshopped. Our clients need to give us constant feedback on days when we shoot their products. Images are updated almost in a 30 Minutes rhythm, you should have your art-director or the one responsible available for us these days as we might come up with a lot of questions during a session.

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