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Product Photography Europe has it's head office in Bad reichenhall / Germany and the main production studio‘s in Bratislava/ Slovakia. We have produced thousands of Images for clients all over Europe. To work with us is very simple, just follow steps.

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The photo production of sunglasses and optical frames, as with all high reflective products is one of the most difficult photo works as almost everything is reflecting and visible either in the glass or on the shiny metal surfaces. The production of sunglasses and high reflective products is 10% shooting and 90% Photoshop work. If we shoot sunglasses, we use Day 0l &  Day 02   for shooting and afterwards we start proceeding with the Photoshop work. If you have booked a session with us, you will be able to see almost hourly updates on our server space, you can interact and give us feedback, as you will see all new uploads live. No unpleasant surprise after a weeks shooting and you have to take what we shot. We ask our customers to view their  folders constantly in order to give us feedback. After shooting the first sample images, our customers will have to give their approval first, before we start continuing with the main shooting, that means we complete one sample product to it's final stage in order  to see if this is what the customers have expected from their project. Working very closely with customers at this stage is important,  it helps finalizing the project faster and more to the likes of the customer.

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